Hm. Well I did have a blog. Let’s see, five years or so ago, when the number of blogs out there was a mere fraction of what is out there today. It creeped me out a bit when I became de facto an “expert” on some topics I merely expressed my opinion on and on which I held no expertise whatsoever. The power of the media bla bla bla.

Hopefully most people are a bit wiser now, as am I. And older too.

In preparing this layout I read some of my host’s advice on blog beginnings which suggested that one should decide on a niche and stick to it. If you’re doing a cooking blog, don’t talk about politics, etc. Makes perfect sense, I suppose, an orderly approach, marketable, practical. But chaos seems a far more natural state of mind, especially in our world where we are constantly multitasking, like butterflies flitting from one flower to another, to the dog poop and then back to another flower.

This then will be my commonplace book, a place to sift the grain. My place to jot down notes and things I come across that interest me. Some no doubt will be of interest to others, others will not, but no matter. Out of chaos comes order, I hope. Amidst the shit there may be some lovely blossoms. 🙂


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