freedom for lori

Interesting article on Lori Berenson by Jennifer Egan in Sunday’s NYT Magazine. I’m certainly no expert on her case but I can definitely relate to what brought her to Peru in the first place. Those were very different times, and she reflects what so many of my peers (and me, to a degree) were like: educated, curious, empathetic, adventurous, independent, passionate. She was driven by what she herself describes this way: “When I was young I thought I had this moral obligation to do things for others.” And yet she paid dearly for this, spending over 14 years in prison, ending up a single mother, still held captive (she claims she was freer in prison that on parole in Lima, surrounded by those who hate her) in a country which views her as the scapegoat for all the ills of the times. She is a mother now, to a beautiful child named Salvador, and remains a beloved daughter, a sister and a friend to many. I hope that she is released soon and can start a life with her child and her family. There are so many horrible ego-driven people who are free. She has paid her dues, hundredfold.


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