ingenious minds and lovely flowers

I have little patience for television, but when I do watch it’s usually either the news (Al-Jazeera English rocks!) or a streamed netflix movie or some bizarro documentary. (Or “Survivor,” which is my guilty pleasure.)

My new favorite is a fascinating series on the Science Channel called “Ingenious Minds,” and ingenious they are. Each episode showcases a person with either brain injuries or conditions such as Asberger’s, autism, etc., which one would think would impede their brain development… but aha! the joke is on us for underestimating their talents and gifts and ohhhhh the beauty of the human being and the mysteries of the brain and of life itself. Their paths are not without difficulty, and the series honestly illustrates the challenges they’ve had to (and continue to) face, but it opens our minds up to what lies within.

I for one have been long convinced that genius springs from unlikely sources, probably since I was twenty and visited the Museum of “Art Brut” in Lausanne, Switzerland and saw the intense beauty and emotion in the art created by those often ostracized and alienated by society.

There is so very much we do not know about our world. We should be very curious and very humble. In the same way that a flower can bloom from a simple bud with a burst of complex design and color (see my post here for an example), often the most intelligent and talented minds may well seem different (note I do not use the term disabled, which I find denigrating).


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