making the crooked straight

Today was a dreary rainy day. Something about Sundays tends to make most of us a bit blue, I suppose. Was sitting with the bunnies looking for a good movie or something to watch together when I came across an HBO documentary called “Making the Crooked Straight,” a short 30 minute film about some doctor (Dr. Rick Hodes) who helped the poor in Ethiopia. Or so I thought, but it was so much more…

Like most parents, I try to slip in veggies and social awareness whenever and wherever I can, and it turned out to be a wonderful film, so humbling and inspiring. What an incredible man.

Please watch the film and, if you can, donate. How little can give so very much.

There was a scene, very brief, a sort of background shot, where a woman was literally sifting the grain. One of the bunnies asked, “What is she doing,” and I smiled and replied, “sifting the grain.” Little moments in life oftentimes seem not so random at all, and needless to say my blueness faded quickly.


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