that damned privacy thing

Am I the only one who has this incredibly visceral love/hate thing with privacy? On the one hand I am drawn to these new ways of communicating, blogging, facebooking, etc., yet every now and then I turn into this mad crazy woman and I am this close from just deleting it all. One click of the button and poof, I return to my quiet little world where no one knows where I go or what goes on in that pretty little head of mine, well almost no one.

I think I wrote in my opening post how during my first attempt at blogging, way back in the day when there were so few blogs, one post I made converted me into an overnight blogosphere star and it scared the bejeezers out of me. This time I wrote a post on Lori Berenson and I see it has had a slew of hits. I know so little about her, and all I can think is that people are driven by a google search to my site and then they sigh with disappointment and click away with a big fat smirk on their faces. Instantly I feel like I’m in middle school again. (Actually I loved middle school, but you know what I mean, all that angst about whether or not I’m liked or not.)

My answer to that? I’m no expert. Never said I was. For now I will resist the urge to wipe myself from the metaverse and will just avoid looking at my stats. Forgive me if I say silly things or post about things I have no business posting.


2 thoughts on “that damned privacy thing

  1. I am right there with ya sometimes…I just ended a complete blog and deleted almost everything and left blogging for 7 months…but now I am back. But the thought does enter my mind….daily.

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