hack my life

The digital world is a bit dangerous for a person like me. Not because of the typical dangers, the stalkers, the lack of privacy (even though that makes me squeamish really I have very little to hide), etc., etc.

I am one of those people who used to keep a journal. And charts. Lots of charts. Little Euro notebooks on that lovely tiny graph paper filled with all sorts of silly things. I had this love of documenting things, of listing things, making charts of this or that. I used all that burgeoning artistic talent to write, anything, everything. I loved the discipline of graphic design, cutting and rubber cementing and measuring, spending hours on graphing and outlining and collaging… Content was secondary, it was the act that mattered.

Now I spend half my time thinking of how to organize the other half. I am drawn to all the incredible tools out there to do in a really snazzy way all the things I used to dream of. To keep lists of things (with pictures!): the books I’ve read or want to read, the projects I’ve never finished, to-do lists in a million different formats and syncing schemes which allow me to know what I need to do whether I’m on my iphone or my ipad or at my computer or….

…hack my f’ing life. 🙂

It is a huge time suck. I love it. I hate it. I’ll never ever catch up and the more I work to organize and simplify my life the more complex it seems to get to follow up on those lovely tools which classify and document and sort and display… my silly little existence.

Or maybe it’s just that I like to avoid working. (Even there I’m caught in the loop of the perfect software tool to organize which ends up complicating things and, hence, I achieve less and less…)


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