random thoughts of a randomly lovely day

A lovely day.

╰☆╮Alone time with the man I love love love.

╰☆╮Bunny #1 got into one college and rejected from another (the balance of life)

╰☆╮Read some very intense passages of “Cutting for Stone” (Verghese) while working up a decent sweat on the treadmill and listening to music blasting in my headphones

╰☆╮Read a bit more of “Hamlet’s Blackberry” where he speaks of multitasking and its dangers (sheepishly points above).

╰☆╮Spent time with the bunnies watching “You Must Love Cats” (Love the host, really), admiring bunny #2’s killer red lipstick (verdict: mama loves, papa don’t), making microwave potato chips (came upon via stumbleupon and dang they are goooood)

╰☆╮Remained quite oblivious to the rest of the world, although felt a bit guilty about that and the fact that I didn’t write, at all (will try to remedy that now)

╰☆╮Tucked bunny #3 into her own bed, taking bets on how long that will last


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