in an instant

See this woman? She was crossing the street running to catch the train on her way to work when she got hit by a van and… poof… she’s gone.

Apparently she had a quote she liked posted on the wall in her office:

Life changes fast. Life changes in an instant. You sit down to dinner and life as you know it ends. (Joan Didion)

Someone wrote in the comments space under the announcement of her death in a local blog the following:

When my son was little, he had some recurring nightmare in which terrorists came through the window of his room at night to take him away. I told him that that certainly was within the realm of the possible, but it was extremely unlikely. And I told him what my Big Fear was: him or his sister getting hit by a car. A friend said to me the other day, very sweetly: be careful when you’re running for the bus.

A blink. A reminder. Life is sweet and it is unpredictable.


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