mean girls grow up

"Mean Girls" by Deborah Leigh (Migraine Chick) @flickr

Just read a teaser for a NYT article which said:

After decades of glamour, the Woman’s Club of Hollywood now finds itself torn by lawsuits and an internal struggle for power that threatens its survival.

Had a conversation the other day with a woman friend about the power struggles and backstabbing that goes on in the PTA.

In conversations with the bunnies I hear, time and time again, stories of mean girls.

Mean girls, unfortunately, grow up, and by the time they are older they become even meaner, and cleverer, and better able to mask their self doubts in strategic nastiness.

I suppose there are mean boys too, but—to generalize—they are far more benign and harmless, their anger lasting mere seconds (how many times have you witnessed a fist fight which, in mere minutes, resolves itself with back slaps and shared beers?). Men do not hold grudges as often. Women are like elephants and they never ever forget.

It’s a lesson I try to teach my children. To be kind to all. To waterproof themselves from toxic people. Do not confide too much and guard confidences, always, of others. Oh there are many others, far more lofty, but today’s lesson was all about the mean. It’s everywhere.


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