trojans and erectile dysfunction

Fate would have it that, just when I was about to hit the “publish” button last night on my blog entry, a strangely ominous and clearly virus-laden message popped up on my screen. It is either that I got the trojan thingy when I let my Norton subscription lapse (on purpose, after being assured by a bazillion people on the net that macs really don’t need virus protection) by pure fate, or it was someone evil at Norton who masterminded the whole thing to scare me into resubscribing.

But aha! I am one stubborn woman, not easily scared, and I refused to resubscribe, instead researching how and then totally eliminating (as in deinstalling) every last Norton file on my computer and purchasing the virus protection it seems Apple prefers, or ESET. Actually what really annoyed me with Norton was that their “your subscription has expired” message not only popped up on my screen but was eternally there, it seems, not offering the option of “I know, damn it, and I don’t want to resubscribe so leave me alone.” This phenomenon has been well documented as annoying harassment. (Just do a google search for “norton subscription popup,” you’ll see.)

So instead of working on my poor neglected novels as I’d planned, I spent a few hours virus scanning and killing trojans. Ugh.

Today I had another taste of the things I hate about the net. This one surprised me. I was reading a very nice, very serious blog and noticed that at the bottom of the page, just above the hit counter, in teeny tiny letters it read “buy cialis generic online.” Strange, and sure enough when hovering over it the link is to none other than a website of the same name. So you can advertise for some unidentified outfit who sells erectile dysfunction drugs online while at the same time getting a free hit counter (ummm do these people know that there are other free hit counters out there that don’t involve advertising unsourced drugs?).

And, I cannot resist quoting the text from this website (do the people at cialis know they have a half illiterate agent somewhere in Eastern Europe or wherever these types of scams are run from advertising their product? And beyond obnoxious is it really a true scam…I mean what do they send you, if anything?). Here is the text, which I post only because I find it eminently amusing…

Each day (and each night!) millions of men all around the world are suffering from the erectile dysfunction. To explain the problem easier, they cannot have the sex of that quality they would like to have. Some ten years ago it was hardly possible to help to such men – and that is why erectile dysfunction sometimes caused not only depressions but even suicides.

Now with Cialis, the small tablet of great power, each man can feel himself the real hero in sex disregarding his age or other conditions. Every day the more and more men prefer Cialis to receive the best possible results in bed. Why do they prefer Cialis, not other products? The explanation is simply connected to the numerous advantages of Cialis. It is not a secret that Cialis was created in line with the modern medical technologies and that is why it is really better than other products, influencing the men’s potency.

The main Cialis advantage is the duration of its effect (great potency, you remember). Cialis works for you for 36 hours – giving the unique possibility to enjoy excellent sex during all the weekend and to give maximum pleasure possible to the partner!

You can take Cialis some 20 minutes prior to starting your sexual activity – it would be enough to reach the best possible results. And the more important thing here is that Cialis is working only when you would like to have some sex. There is no danger that you would suffer from unnecessary erection in any certain moment! You want some sex – Cialis is working for you to receive the best of it. The principle is quite simple and extremely effective, isn’t it?

What else is quite good – one can take Cialis as many times as he would like to do it and Cialis would bring the excellent effect each time without any risk of getting into habit. Moreover, it is now clear from medical researches that regularly taking Cialis one can… improve his own sexual abilities!

You would like to know how Cialis works to increase your potency and sexual abilities, wouldn’t you? It is rather simple (everything genius is simple, you know). Cialis helps the maximum volume of blood to reach those vessels, critically important for that thing in sex called “hardness”, thus extremely positive influencing the quality of erection.

Millions men had already made their choice for Cialis and millions women are happy of their men’s choice. You dream of really excellent non-stop sex? Just take the small tablet with great potency and become the real hero of any woman’s dreams.

OK, so now that that’s all cleared up. Trojans dead and fake cialis flushed down the toilet, I am back to my writing…screw the hit counter! (Although if I had one it would surely explode with this post title and tags…)


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