the pride factor

Oh what a strange strange trip this has been, this three day odyssey with one of the bunnies and our encounter with pop culture at its epicenter. Not sure if I am still under the confidentiality clause which we practically signed in blood so I will not say who or what was behind this mad crazy roller coaster ride. But wait, this is an anonymous blog (relatively) so…bah…screw it.

Suffice it to say it involved an X, a factor, and an audition.

Like all great epics, it involved the highest of dramas…first the sacrifice (nearly) of life and limb via a 5 hour vigil in the darkest of nights, under the rainiest of skies, in the coldest of winds, huddled together as if awaiting judgement day.

A brief respite and back again, this time the sun warming all and the shock of unexpected victory…moving on to the next round, a reprieve, making our sacrifice worthwhile, filling us with hope, and shock, and the excited near nausea one feels when one realizes that one is at a crossroads wherein life as we know it will change. Dramatic, eh? Well kind of sort of, in the short scheme of things…

But alas, this all was short lived and the sweet taste of victory was not long on our tongues, for our excitement was dashed mere hours later, with the cruel efficiency of an executioner’s sword. That which we never expected to have been given was just as quickly taken away, leaving us reeling and catching us off guard like a night-time raid or a dream from which one awakes with joy and sadness all at once.

Enough of the vagaries. An audition, simply. Not life or death. It’s all good. We didn’t really get too invested in this, it began as a whim and a long shot, and we didn’t expect anything of it. Nonetheless, failure is never easy, rejection never fun, but as with all experiences, lessons were learned, realizations realized. Here’s mine:

The true test, I’ve found, of a person, is not how they deal with joy, but how they deal with adversity.

As parents we don’t often think of or know how to prepare our children for the harsh moments of life. Like most lessons we teach them not by words but by example, by giving them perspective and balance and self-worth. In doing so, we help them to find their own abilities to draw from inner strength to carry on. “Success is going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

So you see it was not a failure in any sense of the word, for what it filled me with was a deep pride, for this brave young bunny who at such a young age was able to process all this and still come out with a smile on her face, an attitude which glowed with balance. With such calm grace she acknowledged her disappointment, accepted it and moved on.

Prouder of her I could not be.

She’s off having fun with her friends, while I sit here and blog about victories and defeats. You see? 🙂


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