river of life

My blog is not about charities, it is not about fundraising… mostly it is about me and the things that I come across that move me. This one did.

There are so many charities, so much need and rivers upon rivers of tragic stories, here and elsewhere that often we feel overwhelmed. We do what we can to help, which is rarely enough.

Some people, though, find a way to really make a difference, and in this case—as in enough others to make one realize that out of our worst moments come epiphanies and new beginnings—a woman turned the tragedy of losing a son (and later a spouse) into an admirable venture which has made a difference to countless people who’ve been helped by the foundation.

Even as an adult, being ill and alone (let alone dying alone) is difficult and sad, but imagine a child facing catastrophic illness, or death, alone and without the one person closest to them, their parent. Imagine yourself as a single parent, forced by financial need to leave the bedside of your child.

During the brief hospitalizations of my bunnies (with three there have been a few, and thank God none were very serious) I was always fortunate to have familial, workplace and financial support (which includes health insurance which, in this country, has become a luxury) to remain by their sides. What a wonderful tribute the founder of this foundation has given to her son whose name the organization carries.


One thought on “river of life

  1. I was not familiar with this foundation but clicked on the link you provided and was quite moved by Ms. Sobel’s account of how “money has the power and dares to interfere with freedom of choice.” It reminded me of something my nana used to tell me and it was that the poor couldn’t afford to get sick. It’s great to know that there are charities like her foundation that help parents be there for their sick children. The thought of my not being able to be with my own children in the event of illness is too painful to imagine. Thank you for sharing!

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