stats and spam and speechlessness

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I long ago decided to stay away from the stats of this blog, even more so now that I’ve gone “public,” listing my blog (along with my name, thus taking it instantly from the comfort of anonymity) in one of my online writing groups. It just is so much pressssssurrre to perform and I don’t want to get on that gerbil wheel of wanting more and more and more readers. Kind of happy not knowing who reads me, and to get a comment every now and then that lets me know that someone does… Every now and then, though, I peek at who has been visiting my site. It’s quite fascinating.

I was quite excited (nervous?) to see that the US Government accessed my blog (perhaps in response to a very innocuous post about radiation, which they clearly weren’t interested in as they stayed nary a minute), and amused to see that some Russian reader from the “Administration of Sakhalin Region” had found my blog via a search for “erectile disfunction” (I should have learned by now not to title or keyword my posts with such things). Other than that most are from the US (with a smattering from Ghana, Singapore, Phillipines, Guam, etc.). But what always leaves me curious are all those bizarre marketing and foreign websites who are listed as referrals yet who, when you click on them are clearly not “real” websites. Spambots, I know, upping their search engine ranking or god knows what.

But today, ahhhh today, I found poetry, in the oddest of places: the spam folder. Yes, hidden away in the little quarantined area where spam comments live… I mean truly, if this were read at some open mic night in many pubs in NYC they might well be hailed for their absolute brilliance. Here’s a favorite one, and I post it in toto for your pleasure, dear reader. Just imagine if you replaced “watches” with blossoms, and the different watch names with names of flowers or something more raw and…innovative:

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•     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •     •

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Now, for the speechlessness. There are no words for the devastation wreaked upon the South by this latest disaster. Today we had inky black skies and a tornado warning (very rare for these parts) but were spared. Years ago I arrived in Kentucky right after a tornado had hit, and drove through an area that had been damaged, barns collapsed, debris everywhere, roofs peeled from buildings. I’ll never forget the old woman I saw, as I slowed with the other cars to make our way around the tree in the road. There she was, silent and alone, sitting on her porch, hunched over, shoulders draped with a quilt and eyes which haunted me ever since.

Things can be replaced—People cannot. Of course. That is the most important and in my thoughts are those who have lost loved ones. But also those who have lost the things that make a life, the cloak which covers our shoulders: our homes, our photos and our hand-me-down furniture, memories held in objects.


2 thoughts on “stats and spam and speechlessness

  1. How I love this post! First you had me laughing my butt off with the spam comment and then toward the end of the post, reflecting on the tragedy many have suffered with the tornados. Loved reading this post!

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