life goes on and we screw up

There was no end to the world on Saturday as Preacher Camping had predicted, and in an odd twist there are swarms of people who are disappointed, who stood and waited for the earthquakes and floods and violent chaos followed by the beloved and anticipated Rapture. When I say disappointed it is beyond a mild sense of let down… people really believed this was it, they stopped living their lives normally, poured endless monies and energies into preparing, for nothing. Somehow I feel sorry for them, although perhaps even more present in my mind is a disturbing sense that people are willing to follow the blatherings of one man to such a degree. Any man with that much power over others is a dangerous thing.

But life goes on, and like Mr. Camping, it seems a proofreader screwed up and the commencement booklet for Georgetown’s 2011 grads indicated “Univeristy,” a rather terrible typo that made it though, no doubt, countless rounds of proofing.

It happens.

I once designed a Holiday card for someone while working in Spain. It was printed without anyone noticing until it was far too late that instead of wishing all a happy new year “Feliz Año Nuevo” it instead wished them a happy new anus (indeed if you remove or forget the squiggly over the “n” the meaning changes quite dramatically). A painful memory, but one that makes me smile at my own mistake.

One of my jobs at one point in my early career in publishing was to proofread ads and I can attest that I caught errors, equally if not more glaring that this one, in ads which were prepared by the top agencies for the top advertisers… ads which cost tens of thousands of dollars to run, let alone to produce, yet the errors were missed.

It is, I suppose, our wonderful human nature that makes us correct the incorrect, smooth over the rough, see what we want to see and not what is in front of us.


2 thoughts on “life goes on and we screw up

  1. I am *sure* your mistake made many MANY more smiles than its ‘correct’ version. I know you gave me a new smile!! Maybe there aren’t mistakes, only misdirected perspectives?;)

    1. Yes!… misdirected, that’s it!

      I have a magnet on my fridge that I put there to remind my beloved children (as well as myself!) that life is full of mistakes, but as long as we learn from them their value is often greater than any problems they caused us. It says “ALWAYS MAKE NEW MISTAKES.” I love that 🙂

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