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I love to collect images of my dream house. I used to cut them out of Arch Digest and other magazines and keep them in a folder. Now I do it virtually, and of late I keep these images (and others I like) “pinned” to my boards on pinterest.com.

The first I think I’ve posted before. It is a “dining” space, but surely with a few minor changes I could produce the novel of the century, to be lauded for its humble beginnings… In any event, it remains at the top of my list:


This one I saw today would surely do as a workspace I could definitely grow to love. A bit conservative and boring, but something about the simple wooden desk always gets to me.

from designspongeonline.com


But today I saw a workspace on the forums for a writing software I use called Scrivener (which is brilliant, by the way), that definitely made me smile. It was posted by a joe12south, with the following description:

Since I live in a loft, private space is at a premium. With two kids and a girlfriend, I was finding it hard to concentrate and dedicate any real time to writing. So, I decided to take a portion of my closet and convert it to a writing “nook.” (See attachment.)

My goal was to make the area as private and distraction free as possible. I did my best to hide everything from eye level other than the screen and keyboard. (All cables were run in the wall. My computer and a filing cabinet are below the desk. Printers, paper etc. are above.)

To add to the clutter-free aesthetic, I made my fullscreen background look like the monitor is a window to the wall behind it, with my written page floating in front of me. My iPad serves as a secondary display where I keep a dictionary and reference.

So far, this arrangement is working well. Hope it inspires someone else.

I think I’d need another screen on the wall which simulated a view of a beach and some palms, but that would definitely be distracting! šŸ™‚


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