cover your eyes

I hate censorship. I love freedom. I love creative expression in all its forms (well, maybe I don’t always love it, but at least I respect it).

But I still wish I had a way of covering my children’s eyes (one of whom is now officially “legal” and far too big for me to even attempt such a thing) … to protect them from seeing things, hearing things, that no one should ever see, much less when innocence is at its most fragile.

I’m not going to tag this one. Don’t want anyone to in any way add to its buzz. Don’t even really want to say the name of that movie, which suffice it to say involves a *human* cough *centipede* (she says trying desperately to evade the search demons). Seems part two is about to be released, has already been banned in England (if you must, and I don’t recommend it, you can read why, at

I saw a teeny bit of the first, just because I wanted to see what the all the hype was about, and just enough to realize how really repulsive the movie was. It was a hot topic amongst teenagers, nearly all of whom had seen it, and found it gross in a funny sort of way. Bad enough, but now the sequel is about the sickest thing I’ve heard of in awhile, and I’m pretty open to some pretty crazy things in the name of art. Not this. And not for kids.

Netflix should let me block certain films. As if that would stop anyone… hopefully my kids will respect my judgement enough, or are mature enough, or are smart enough (I hope they are reading this) to let this one pass them by. If it were up to me, I’d ban the &*# out of it.

(Next post, I promise, will be lighter and happier, about rainbows and unicorns or something of that ilk.)


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