prom-challenged and the fever

1957 prom (freeparking via flickr)

Tomorrow is the prom (just had to make that pink to go with that fab dress in the photo) which the oldest (the one who used to be teeny tiny with a head-full of crazy blonde curls and a little chipmunk voice and who now is 6’+) will attend. Kind of last minute. Kind of really last minute. He didn’t want to go. Doesn’t have a girlfriend. Not into it, until a few days (hours) before, when he decided that it might be do-able.

The world of proms is about as foreign to me as the tribal mating dance of the B’laan: the poor kid is stuck with two parents who are totally prom ignorant. My husband grew up in a prom-less land, and I went to a promless school. Got invited to one, but that’s a long story.

Surely there is some protocol, etiquette, rules that must not be broken, and surely we are breaking them all, however well intentioned we may be. I suppose we could have sought advice. Hired a prom consultant or at the very least asked one of the wise prom survivors on our block. But we didn’t. Instead we flailed along, hopeful.

We got the tux. We got the wrist corsage (which hopefully will survive the night in the fridge…knowing this clan someone might eat it). We’ve invited his date and her parents to come over for lemonade and pictures prior to the pre-prom party which is before the prom (the post-prom being pronounced prohibited by his date’s Mom, which I can fully understand, she’s only 15). Pre, Pre-pre, Post…it’s like a new language, or a surgery.

So, we’re trying. Hoping we don’t commit any faux pas that will haunt the poor girl for life or forever estrange us from the community of perfect prom parents. Eeek!

Meanwhile the littlest has a fever. Quite a fever. The kind that makes her say really cute things that make absolutely no sense.

(P.S. looking at this picture reminds me of the thermometer my mother broke while taking my temp on Thanksgiving when I was little, which shattered and sent mercury all over the place…no turkey for us that year!)

(P.S.S. I wish she were here and I could ask her for prom advice…sigh)

Praying to the prom gods that all will go well tomorrow and to the fever gods that they will lower it a few digits.

Now, where was that recipe for watermelon lemonade?

Need some. Now.


6 thoughts on “prom-challenged and the fever

  1. I still have this to come but not for a while – my two are 6 and 8. Good luck with your pre-pre. Hope your little one is better soon.

    Great post. Have just found you via SW.

    1. Thanks Fiona. Glad you found me! Pre pre went well and prom is in progress (I’d post a picture but my son would kill me, but ahhhh what a handsome boy he is, and his date was lovely). Best of all, fever is dropping. All’s well.

  2. Reading your post brought back memories–good memories! I loved my prom! My date was a college boy who had his own set of wheels! I kid you not when I say I was the envy of every high school girl present. To make things even better he was gorgeous and loved to dance. Sigh. I’m so glad to have those memories. Like they say, no one can take them from you and something tells me I’ll be delving into my psyche when I’m 80, just so I can sigh! Here’s hoping your son’s prom is a success and that the little one’s fever will go down!

  3. Not many people (including me) went to my high school prom, either. Proms were very out. My daughter’s group went as a group to prom last year — no couples, just 10 of her closest girl and guy friends. They had a blast. On another note, I remember being allowed to play with the mercury when we broke a thermometer. It was so cool chasing those liquid sliver balls around, watching them attract and repel one another. It’s a miracle any of us survived.

    1. I remember playing with mercury too! Did you know in Moorish Spain they had mercury pools in some of the palaces? Intensely beautiful…and deadly, apparently (fumes) although they didn’t know that at the time.

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