baroness mûnchausen i am not, really

photo by zoomar via flickr

Apparent virus which lasts for several days. Raging fever which goes down and then up again and in the wee hours of the morning little head hurts tremendously “all over” and “feels like it will explode.”

“I really don’t feel good, Mama…” She didn’t look good either, eyes squinting, hand held to head, droopy and sleepy body.

Call to Doctor at dawn. Off to ER (It’s Sunday, of course.)

The instant she lays on the bed in the triage room the fever which was raging an hour ago is now almost gone. Smile on sweet face and little sign of the headache which made me fear meningitis and brain swelling and other things which swirled in silent menace in my mind.

She wasn’t faking. Fever was real. Pain was real.

Fortunately my doctor vetted for me when she spoke with the ER physician and reassured him that I am not an “alarmist.”

“I can’t explain why the fever broke just then,” he said with a smile.

But it did. That phenomenon which any parent has seen over and over again where child gets better the instant they enter examining room.

Don’t get me wrong. I am so very grateful and relieved and happy that this is so, even if it makes me look a bit silly. I don’t care.

Some aren’t so fortunate.

Counting my lucky stars as I tuck her into bed, forehead warm but not burning. Fever present but not raging. Headache gone. A virus, simply. I hope (the baroness in me is still watching).


2 thoughts on “baroness mûnchausen i am not, really

  1. You can never be too careful when it comes to fevers–a sure sign something’s not right. Good for you for being cautious. Here’s hoping your child is feeling better!

    1. Thanks…she is better, actually she’s great!

      Usually I’m pretty laid back about fevers. I rarely medicate, believing that the fever is there for a reason. I look closely at the other symptoms, and the excruciating headache (especially since I had meningitis a few years ago) made me make the early morning call to the pediatrician. That said, I’m this close to my pediatric group! 🙂

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