a seamless travel experience

I love to travel. No, it is beyond love, it is pure unabashed travel lust, all the more acute now that I travel far far less than before. I’m like a cat poised to pounce. Just mention a destination, the farther the better, and I am in the air before the words tumble fully from your mouth.

image from the cartoon scrapbook

The other day I heard a piece on the radio in which the guest (I’ve forgotten who it was, unfortunately) revisited the wild imaginings of The Jetsons, so many of which exist today: videophones and wide screens, monitors and futuristic (or so it seemed) architecture. I am still waiting for Rosie the household robot to at the very least serve me a cool lemonade or clean the litter box for, alas, hope springs eternal.

What it of course brought to mind, once I got the Jetson’s theme out of my head (and now it’s back again naturellement), was an image I saw of the Airbus Concept Cabin, something Airbus’ CEO describes as a “seamless travel experience while caring for the environment.” Yea, that, and great views of the clouds, not to mention “sound curtains” which float over your head while you fully recline (to any transoceanic traveler that alone makes your heart do a little flip of joy).

I used to love to fly, now I hate it. No, not because it frightens me, because it doesn’t and never has. I’m the type who can comfortably sleep through take off and landing. I hate it because it has become so very uncomfortable and exhaustingly boring, especially tortuous when I think of how much each flight is costing. Flying used to be quite elegant and pleasant back in the day.

There is hope, let’s see, projected for about 40 years from now when I hope to still be alive albeit just a tad old. That’s about the time I expect to see cars that drive themselves reducing human error (and the danger of accidents) to zero. What a beautiful world. Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats…


6 thoughts on “a seamless travel experience

  1. I found your post on She Writes. I love to travel, too (see my latest post http://tinyurl.com/6yvj8e2), but I wonder what this new concept plane will mean to those who hate to fly. Having an unblocked view of every lightening flash or splashing rain or vast nothingness of the sky wouldn’t necessarily be a good thing.

    I agree that flying/traveling has now become hectic/boring/tortuous. But not enough to make me stop.

  2. Yes, the Jetsons had it right on so many things! About the only thing I like about air travel is the moving sidewalks. How could the Jetsons know that with all our wonderful technology here in the future we would have to walk through body scanners, wait in lines, pray our flight isn’t canceled, and then squish into tiny seats? I like being new places, but I hate what I have to do to get there.

  3. I remember as a kid being amazed at flying cars and thinking how much fun it would be to drive a car in the sky. The Jetsons made it look like there would be very little traffic to contend with, but the way the roads are today I think air traffic control would have their hands full! Love to travel…don’t even mind the whole airplane experience because I know the end result drops me down into a wonderful new experience. I can’t get enough!

  4. Now you have me humming the Jetson’s theme! πŸ™‚ I couldn’t agree with you more regarding how the experience has suffered an immense downgrade. After paying a large amount of money, you’re left with a too small seat, no food, a drink only if you pay for it and the possibility of rubbing forearms and shoulders with the stranger sitting next to you. And did I mention how you’re charged for everything, all the way from a headset to a suitcase? To think I used to complain we only got pretzels or peanuts back in day. How I wish we still did! πŸ™‚

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