pointing to others, ever so humbly

My last post was pretty solemn, and this one will be too, which is odd since actually it is a very bright, happy time in my life. Perhaps we are drawn to opposites? More likely it is that the combination of summer and its joys and the upcoming changes the Fall will bring are making me all the more pensive.

In the last couple of days I read one thing, and listened to another, both of which made me cry, reaching my very core (and no I am not pms’ing, that’s another story…). Rather then tweeting the links for them to be swallowed up, I thought I’d point you to them here, along with my plea that you take five minutes to read and listen to these Incredibly moving stories. Not stories, as in fiction… these are about as real as real can be, painfully, beautifully real.

photo of paul lamb ©scott dalzell

The first I came across via “Freshly Pressed,” which for those not familiar with WordPress, is their showcase for interesting blogs.

(Whispering) Usually I don’t find them all that interesting, but then again I’m not your average reader I suppose.

This one, however, blew me away, and clearly had the same effect on others based on the deluge of comments (which the author addresses in the second link). The first link is to the original post. The second is the author’s followup. The subject of the post, Paul Lamb, as photographed by the blog’s author, Scott Dalzell, appears here. An incredible photograph, an incredible life lived.

rantings of a loon – silent death

rantings of a loon – humbled

The second is from “The Moth,” a great source for a laugh or a cry, although you never know which when you click on “play,” but always heartfelt and achingly real. This one took me by surprise, and left me paralyzed for a moment, blinking away the tears. Very important story of love and loss, incredibly relevant.


5 thoughts on “pointing to others, ever so humbly

  1. Listened to The Moth. A devastating story. I’m not sure I could recover from something like that, but what a beautiful, life affirming message.

    I’m not sure I can take reading the Alzheimer’s post. Will have to save that for tomorrow.

    Thank you for posting this.

  2. I want to thank you for the kind words on my blog and here. The reaction has been overwhelming and I’m trying my best to respond to as many people as possible to thank them. You really have no idea how much I appreciate everything. Take care.

  3. Oh my gosh, I just read the sdazzle post on Paul Lamb and his wife and watched The Moth. Two incredibly beautiful stories told so brilliantly. Wild that I was living in Seattle and read in the paper about the flood that trapped Kate. The last line is haunting…how much sadness can one person endure? Thank you for this post.

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