animal farm on mah toes

image from

The lovely people at Shelf Awareness pointed my ever-distractable attention not to a book as they are wont to do, but to an item of clothing that I might put on my shelf but would never actually wear (and no, I won’t go into my style or my plantar fasciitis here…).

Actually they claim that they “would have killed for a pair or three of these” when they were “in junior high,” but I probably wouldn’t have appreciated their total fabulosidad back then, and instead find myself wearing them in my midlife dreams.

I don’t usually feature products here other than abstract ones, but what is not to love about keds “inspired by some of the greatest literary works of all time?”  I do know a few people who could pull off wearing them with great literary aplomb (catherine, catherine, catherine… maybe maya too?).

I’d love to include a picture here, they are so darn purty, but since they don’t allow it, I’ll send you off to experience them yourself —–>  link



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