the mind which wanders

photo by Kristin Marie Enns-Kavanagh via flickr

I feel a bit like a prairie mother today, wistfully looking out to the horizon as her boy rides off into the sunset, facing dangers and adventures which at once exhilarate and terrify. OK, that was lame, albeit intentionally so. Actually I’m just your run-of-the mill semi empty nester who is realizing that the hard thing about a child leaving home is not the goodbye (that was easy) but the realization that there is something ineffably missing: those little moments which seemed so mundane, sounds and glimpses, the presence of that little person who is now not so little at all yet still remains so in my eyes and always will. Always will be, yesiree, and my eyes are trained on that horizon because it holds so much for him.

/end melancholic moan of missing

~  • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

One way to shake off the blues is to dive into it, heart and soul and when this notice showed up in my inbox today I realized that the gods were speaking to me and me alone. A new career?

photo by jawdoc via flickr

…Recreation Complex is seeking part-time guides to help run its new outdoor Treetop Adventure aerial obstacle course. This dynamic, one of a kind experience takes place up to 35 feet in the air where visitors will experience a variety of games and challenges as they move from tree platform to tree platform ending each course with two exhilarating zip line rides.  We are looking for active people who will not be challenged by the height of the course, as well as, candidates who understand and will exhibit keen emphasis on customer service and guest relations.  No prior climbing experience is required, but an understanding of the physical rigors of the positions is.  Starting pay rates are $8.00/per hour.

I may not have climbing experience (well, let’s see, I did climb once about two dozen years ago, does that count?) but dang I am really keen on customer service and guest relations. You betcha. And I am fully cognizant of the “physical rigors of the positions is” (strange sentence structure that one).

~  • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

The eye which sees, the ear which hears, the mouth which savors…

What else can pull one from a funk? Beauty. Sheer Beauty. And dreams, lots of them. How replete the internet is of images and how lovely it is to be able to capture them with one click which pins them sweetly onto a virtual corkboard with which I can later dream… all while listening to the crazy North African rap of Fnaire, the poetry of Regina Spektor or the mellow notes of Christopher O’Reilly playing Radiohead. Is there anything better than all that plus a sip of steamy espresso or a velvet palate swirl of spicy grilled peppers? (Well yeah, there are the others, the delicious others, who share my home and my missing and fill my days with laughs and smiles. Yay!)

~  • ~ • ~ • ~ • ~

The mind which wanders…



4 thoughts on “the mind which wanders

  1. Looking for ways to get out the melancholy. I do that too…I try to keep busy when I’m feeling blue. Hey, I think I just wrote a similar comment on another blog! Anyhow, I don’t know how it feels to have my children leave home. My oldest is almost 15 so in reality, it isn’t too far way. I dread the day, I must say. Just the idea that right now THIS is my family. And someday, it won’t be. Not in the same sense, as a live-together family. It’s hard to fathom. Didn’t this cheer you up? Sorry!

    1. Thanks…. it’s part of life, letting go, and missing the delightful presence of those who are gone. And now in the age of facebook and constant connectivity he’s never more than a click away. He’s been Facebook “poking” me every few hours just to remind me that he’s there (and vice versa of couse!).

  2. I love that the job ad showed up in your email. I firmly believe in the principle of “no accidents.” Here’s hoping you both take flight and wonders abound.

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