eduardo galeano on writing and scherezade

If you’ve not read anything by Galeano I beg you to do so, right away. I had the privilege of knowing him, quite well, some years ago, and even of translating some of his words. I came across this today, his advice on writing…

“The Art of Writing”

If you speak Spanish, you’ll also enjoy this one. His words in Spanish are so… magical. You might even recognize his mention of me, somewhere in there… 😉


2 thoughts on “eduardo galeano on writing and scherezade

  1. Sounds magical! Wish I understood it better. Is there a translation anywhere? Please. I’m a huge fan of Galeano’s writing and desperately want to know what he’s saying! Thanks!

    1. Sorry about the delay in replying… it seems wordpress took your comment as spam!
      Most (if not all?) of Galeano’s works are translated, into English as well as some 20+ languages. Amazon probably has most of them, if not ask your local bookseller and they can probably order for you. Enjoy!

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