full access to me even when i am sleeping

Am I the only one who pauses for a full heartbeat or two when I have to answer the question granting an app permission to…


…just sayin’


6 thoughts on “full access to me even when i am sleeping

    1. Creeps me out every now and then realizing that facebook wants to know everything about me, and my friends, and their friends, and…. when I get in the shower and peek in first to make sure Zuckerberg isn’t in there!

  1. You are so funny! I heard recently about someone I know committing a crime and that the FBI was watching their every move on facebook. Suddenly I found my mind pouring over my notes to this person over the years and praying she wouldn’t send me any new messages. I have nothing to hide but I cant help but still feel naked!

    1. Yes, there’s something about someone peering into your privates (as if Facebook were private at all, something I often remind my kids) that makes you feel like you have something you should hide.

      I find it really amusing that all the new tools on Facebook actually make it less open and transparent, limiting your broadcasted/read posts to those of certain people, etc. The only people who know all/see all are the Facebook people (who reap financial benefit from it) and the FBI! 🙂

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