little bytes of inspiration

scene from my fridge

Today I want to do a happy post, an inspiring post (well that is pompous and hardly accurate, let’s say, hmmm, “one that inspires the search for and appreciation of inspiration”). It is rainy and dreary but life is sweet, and there is hope and love and a million ways out there to remember that in case you forget.

I can’t decide if it is the internet which has enhanced the proliferation of short textual and/or texto-visual word bites/bytes of inspiration or if it has caused it. Perhaps it is that our 21st century attention span has shrunk to nano size, and our fixes must now be short and oh so sweet, packaged into easily processable little tidbits of wisdom (as opposed to some long long long read of philosophical theory).

What am I talking about? Google “short quotes inspiration” and you get over twenty-one million results. Browse blogs and tumblogs and pinboards and etsy and flickr and it is as if the quote fairies spent the night penning the wisdoms of the past million years, translated into now speak. This is Bartlett’s snipped with craft scissors and lain on a bed of watercolor and visual bliss. Got a minute? Inspiration is free and very available, not to mention often quite beautiful.

I love them, and even save them when I come across one that particularly strikes my fancy, thinking that I might tack them to my fridge (see above, and note that the letters did spell out “don’t worry be happy” until someone stole a few), slip them into an email to encourage a friend, or a text message to reassure a child, or on my desktop to reassure myself and to remind me of what is important, of what is real, of what I love. They are like those mini Dove bars which give you just enough decadence and sweetness to leave that velvety taste in your mouth without the commitment to the calories. They are like angels whispering in your ear.



One thought on “little bytes of inspiration

  1. Thanks for the reminder to look for the sweetness in life. I like the last one the best, probably because of all those years that flew by when my kids were sweet and little that are gone now. I think of carrying my screaming three-year-old inside and cleaning him up after a fall and then holding and comforting him for 30 minutes. Now it’s a treasured memory…. but you can’t capture the present so let’s treasure it as it happens.

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