oh, amanda (is free!)

These are Amanda’s words, from a letter she wrote to Nina Burleigh, one of the few journalists who wrote with wise balance and objectivity:

“I guess any and every young woman can become a story, because I feel like I’m not really so special, other than having to experience a rather exceptional range of experiences the world has felt coming full circle in regards to not only me, but also to Meredith. It’s like we’re both in this together and I’m really baffled sometimes by how something so big and exceptional could have happened to the both of us, how different our lives became, how horribly hers ended, all of a sudden without us even seeing it coming. It’s so big, and so sad.”


One thought on “oh, amanda (is free!)

  1. I know there are supposedly mixed feelings in Italy about the overturned verdict, but I am happy that she is free and able to go home. I will always be saddened by Meredith’s death, but I am glad that Amanda does not have to serve more time for a crime that I truly believe she did not commit.

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