epic jobs

image by dekuwa via flickr

He was epic, a visionary with an incredible talent to simplify the complex. He was also a husband, a father, a friend to many who will miss him, may he rest in peace.

My tribute, spontaneous and unplanned, would surely have left him smiling…

When my husband called me from his car to tell me that Steve Jobs had died, I immediately went to turn on CNN but could not because the DVR was taping.

What did I do? Without missing a beat I picked up my ipad which was—as it usually is, along with my iphone—within arm’s reach, and watched the broadcast live from there. When my husband walked in I held it up and marveled at how amazing it is to be able to do such a thing, so seamlessly, on such a small device with such incredible quality. Only after the words were out of my mouth did I realize the ineffable perfection of this unintentional tribute to a man who changed all of our lives so intrinsically.

Think different…


2 thoughts on “epic jobs

  1. That’s even kind of sad isn’t it? That his own news story, that of his death, is available to others on his own invention. What’s the word for that/ Serendpity? No….can’t think of it. I hope someone else can.

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