lend me your eyes

One of the things about growing up and getting all stressy busy with oh so many important things to do is that we rarely stop to watch and listen. I love the fact that when you are around children or animals, who are still open and alert and don’t yet have those blinders which sprout from our cheeks and grow stiff and dark, they help you to see.

Stay silent, still and unobtrusive, if only for a moment or two and follow your cat or dog’s gaze, find what draws their attention. Perhaps it is a tiny speck of dust which dances in the sunlight streaming through the window (you might only have seen the fact that the windows are dirty). Or maybe it is a bright red bird tucked among the red-orange leaves high in the maple (you haven’t arched your neck to look up in so long). Watch your child think, feel the way their brain races with random thoughts, pausing here and there to explore. Ask them what they are thinking and consider yourself fortunate if the moment is such that they will tell you (when they first wake up is a good time for this). Go with them to a place you know well and note how they discover things about it that you’d never even thought of, nor would you have in a million years without their help.

In the morning’s hurry, my youngest interrupted me when my first “Did you…” (brush your teeth, make your bed, bla bla bla) was barely from my lips. She pointed to her closet, where the light from the window, bouncing off a mirrored frame, left a shimmery bit of magic. And with that we began the day….



4 thoughts on “lend me your eyes

  1. And the more you watch and remember your own magic eyes…then one day you find you are a bright, wonder-filled child yourself! What a beautiful post, bright sparkling Star!:)

    1. You are an expert at looking at the world with eyes wide open…I always look forward to your words which often remind me of not only how fortunate we are but also how amazing life is indeed.

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