moving the furniture around

photo by AlicePopkorn via flickr

I’m a minimalist, at least to a certain degree. I dream of simplicity not luxe. I also get claustrophobic sometimes when there are too many things around, and often my solution is to organize what I have, purging what I no longer need and then sitting amidst my new space hoping it grants me a new perspective. It usually works, and it is as much about the process as it is about the result. And yea, you can apply that to tangibles and intangibles.

I love to move furniture around. I love new starts, and to get there by shaking things up a bit to awaken my muse. I admit though, to being a wee bit impetuous, and that I often have to fight my first instinct which is to wipe the white board and make it white again. Tabula Rasa and all that.

And so it is with this blog. I thought of pulling a Mark Pilgrim, deleting it in one sweep, maybe starting another, maybe not, maybe trying to seek anonymity again (as if that is possible anymore), a bit conflicted about my ability and/or desire to keep it up.

Instead, though, I’ve decided to simply move the furniture around a bit. New theme, in case you’ve noticed, which I will tweak here and there at some point. Often with me it’s just a matter of quelling that impetuousity and simply moving this here, and that there, and all is well.

As Gide said, “Pay attention only to the form; emotion will come spontaneously to inhabit it. A perfect dwelling always find an inhabitant.”


10 thoughts on “moving the furniture around

  1. Funny, I’m in the process of redesigning right now, too. I like the layout you picked here – nice, clean. Have to admit that your third paragraph gave me a little jolt, though… Hope all’s well, and I support you doing whatever is best for you. Selfishly, though, I hope rearranging the furniture will be enough. I’d miss your words, friend.

  2. The soul exists in spirals. You are living a soulful life, sweet mama. And know this…whatever you do or wherever you go, you can count on one HUGE fan. Because its you I love…no matter the furniture.:) p.s. Gide, ahhh! great quote!

  3. I love to shake things up. I’ve always loved the process of moving and inhabiting new space. There is something really lovely about cleaning things out, giving stuff away, and making do with less. I’m not sure the rest of my family is as enamored with the idea, but they are starting to come around!

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