brush away my mistakes

The reviews for a yet unreleased movie whose trailer caught my attention, “Perfect Sense,” are, it seems, rather underwhelming. I do plan on seeing it, regardless, for not only do I often like that which others may not (and vice versa), I find the concept behind it to be quite fascinating and terrifying: a worldwide pandemic whose side effect is the loss of one or more senses. Give me a pandemic and I’ll be frightened, but mention the loss of my senses and I’ll be frozen with absolute terror. The longer I live the more I cherish them, savor what they bring me.

I’ve spoken of my sensitivity to smell, which brings into my life some of its greatest pleasures, but also some of the moments most memorably difficult. I haven’t mentioned, perhaps, the fact that although my eyesight still registers near perfect, there is enough of a loss that I do have to resort to reading glasses, albeit at the weakest available strength. My children say I often don’t hear them, but I believe that’s just my relative (to them anyway) inability or refusal to multitask, at times preferring to focus on just one thing (radical concept, I know). As for my sense of taste, it is very sensitive, which you can witness for yourself if you watch me savor food, from the simplicity of a well ripened fruit to the complexity of a slow cooked salty-sweet sauce, for I am an unabashed gourmande. And touch, lest we forget, is our window to the world and to the worlds of those around us, for we read them with our fingertips, which leads me to what perhaps inspired this post…

Kaufmann Mercantile has once again highlighted one of their exquisite products with a tale which is equally as lovely. They are selling an eraser brush which in itself is perfection, but they tell how it is produced through the perfect marriage of industrial design (in this case the designs of Elder Ferreira Monteiro) and the artisanal brilliance of the sight-impaired at the Berlin Institute of the Blind: “The director of the institute reminds us that the blind see with their hands, a skill you can feel in the brushes they make.”

Makes me want to make a mistake right now…something I’m also quite fond of doing. 🙂


3 thoughts on “brush away my mistakes

  1. Oh my goodness…I think I am going to need to have this post sleep beside me tonight. I love it. You enliven my senses. You really do. Thank you.
    p.s. its a good thing I cant get anything in the mail…I would have to order one of these right away.:)

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