things that glow

This is my latest desktop image, something I change often. I came across this on pinterest, and forgive me for not crediting, but I didn’t save its source’s name. The reason is that it was some sort of DIY (shhh actually the lights are painted dots of glow-in-the-dark paint) which scared me because anything that glows like that can’t be good for you, right? Nonetheless, it is beautiful.


2 thoughts on “things that glow

  1. I found a really awesome version of this sort of thing on pinterest and am saving it for my big wedding day when I have all sorts of lamps, and glowing things. Maybe I’ll give away glow warms.

    First step, meet a man who’s magical.

    (Yes, I’m that girl on pinterest planning her never-happening wedding even though she’d be happy with cats).

    1. Girlfriend, I got da cats and da hubby, so don’t worry, you can indeed have both…no doubt your time will come. (And don’t be in too much of a hurry…write that book first!)

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