marie. lana. mimi.

Three women on my radar somehow met in my mind. One a writer, one a singer, the other once a leggy intern who caught the president’s eye. Three young women (Lolitas, perhaps) who at once entice, fascinate, frighten and repel. Three women who challenge the status quo, confident in their power yet inevitably at the mercy of those they please.

Marie peeks out from behind her pseudonym, spilling out her life and veiling it as fiction. Lana, who was once Lizzie, tucks her past in mystery and trailer parks as she sings deep haunting songs with lips that cannot be real. Mimi held her secrets for decades as she raised children and grandchildren and spent her time at church, telling us only now how she made wedding plans while being asked (and obliging) to “take care” of the president’s friends.

Three women. Three strong and vulnerable women. Three young women navigating the treacherous currents of life and love and sex and art and the critics who like jackals wait to let loose their trilling cries.


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