mama, you have to watch this

It’s not uncommon for one of my kids to either send me a link or stalk me through the house, macbook teetering precariously from one hand, pleading with me to “just watch this.”

It’s usually a song, or a funny pet video. The latest fave of my 9-year-old is images of kids reacting to viral videos, which is kind of creepy in so many ways—watching someone watching someone watching…

Very often I’ll assure them that I will, watch it, read it, whatever it, at some point or another, and I usually do.

It’s been 24 hours that I’ve been meaning to sit down and watch the Kony 2012 video. I knew enough about it from the buzz on twitter and in the news, but I got an iced tea, sat back, and watched it in its entirety.

You have to watch this.


3 thoughts on “mama, you have to watch this

    1. I know the issue is far more complicated than the simple good guy/bad guy explanation he gave to his (adorable) kid, but this video, the cause behind it, the viral power of it, is very important. Enlisting such massive buzz and support is at once thrilling and frightening.

      It is a “wow” on so many levels.

      1. I agree…and let us also not forget…that we must fund the inspiration behind this for without them none of this would be happening, no children would be saved.

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