a woman with a tail

photo by chicago geek @flickr
I used to go to a newsstand near my office in Manhattan where they sold magazines and newspapers from all over the world. They were astronomically expensive, so I rarely bought them, but would just read the headlines.

Tonight I decided to do the same, to embark on a quick virtual hop through world news. There were surely some very interesting articles on politics and the economy and cultural initiatives and… well, the world is global and we share many of the same topics on our front pages.

But then, there are others, which stood out, perhaps because I am in an odd sort of mood. Here are some of the more salient ones…

The “Seychelles eWeekly” reported this:

“No Welfare Help for Young Lazy Beggars”

Though government will maintain its social commitments, especially to the lower-income citizens, welfare protection will be allocated to help the more needy, not the young lazy beggars who don’t want to work.

The article went on to say that the “young loathers” spend too much time at the lakanbiz drinking baka or lapire.

Too much lapire does make one a bit of a loather, indeed.

The newspaper “Gurtong” from Southern Sudan, has a category that I was anxious to read called “Tender Announcements Articles.”

I imagined it to be sweet stories of lovers reunited, announcements of births and graduations and happy endings.

Instead it had such headlines as “Invitation for Bids to Fabricate Household Latrine Slabs in Northern Bahr Al Ghazal State” and loads of invites for bids to “drill boreholes.”

Oh–that kind of tender… boreholes and all. Silly me.


The “Amandala” from Belize featured this story:

“Man Allegedly Robbed in Police Station–By Police!”

Ronel Rivero told police that he had money on him and went to the police station for safety.. A Belmopan resident has accused a special constable working out of the Queen Street Police Station of stealing money from him while he was waiting to catch the first bus out of town.

That constable was a special one, alright…

The “Oman Observer” featured this picture of  “a traditional elephant fight during the Suwori festival.”

Fortunately King Juan Carlos of Spain was not in the vicinity at the time.

The “Mongol View” has not posted since February when they announced Kodak’s bankruptcy. They also featured a poll on “Who Would You Vote For?”
So far 15 people have voted, with Barack Obama in the lead with a two-point lead over the split votes between Romney and someone else and don’t care. There are still 165 days left to vote, and you may select multiple answers.

Lastly, the “Post Courier” from Papua New Guinea reports that the…

“Bukolo woman’s story which appeared in the other daily recently as having a tail, is not true as reported according to this reporter who was the first person who interview the victim.”

It seems the poor woman, whose smiling face is featured in a photo, has some sort of growth which appears tail-like. “After being exposed in the media as having a tail is very disgusting and embarrassing as people eye her from all directions when she goes out to do her marketing.”

At this point, rather than make some snarky snide comment about her tail, or her marketing, when really I feel quite sad for her, it may well be time for me to close the door on world news for the night.

Signing out, then. Cheerio.


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