sumer is icumen in

So. Much. Noise.

Social media seems to be one of the most anti-social activities evahhh… well not exactly. I suppose the socialness of it is there, but unlike that “everybody is friends” aura of a perfect happy world, in reality everyone creates their own little pod, via lists and subsets, and in the end that big world becomes very small. I wonder if all those people who tweet to the world actually realize that very few actually read them.

I like the Google+ idea of circles, some intersecting, others not, which seems to me to be a far more honest and realistic paradigm for our interactions with one another. But then again, I never joined it. Nor did most, apparently. Recently someone described being there rather like being in some cavernous and empty room, your voice echoing back at you.

Seth Godin spoke of “signal to noise ratio” in his blog today…

A whisper in a quiet room is all you need. There’s so little noise, so few distractions, that the energy of the whisper is enough to make a dent.

On the other hand, it’s basically impossible to have a conversation (at any volume) in a nightclub.

He must have seen me pruning and paring back. Reevaluating. Shifting things around. Chasing away the squawking bluejays so I might hear the cooing of the doves and conversations of the finches. Putting books back on shelves and placing others on my desk so they might remind me that they are next.

“Until you remove the noise, you’re going to miss a lot of signal,” Godin says. I’ve never been one who liked a lot of noise. I used to hide from the vacuum cleaner.

Sumer Is Icumen In… and the spring rains make everything grow so wildly and with such glorious abandon, but at some point you need to reassess and decide which are weeds and which are flowers to be tenderly watered and propped up in their pots.

I much prefer summer resolutions to New Year’s ones.

In the winter animals fatten up and their fur thickens. They grow slower and conserve energy. The middle of winter is not a time to grow lean. But ahhh when Spring comes and we are energized to make room for new growth. To peel back the layers.





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