78 days

I visited a friend’s blog today and there I was on her blogroll (thank you so very much). “78 days ago,” it said under my last post’s title. Has it really been that long?

I’ve neglected this blog, but I’m here to visit… or to stay, perhaps. Let this be like my shack on the beach where I come when the clouds’ color matches my mood. My loves are intense but they flitter from one thing to the next, the door to my thoughts opening and closing like a hinged door caught by the wind.


2 thoughts on “78 days

    1. Oh yes, I will join you there…

      Thank you for reminding me to revisit that post which I read in a hurry and hadn’t watched the video. (I’ll give the link so others can visit too http://clairemca.wordpress.com/2013/09/21/the-summer-book/).

      I could so easily imagine spending a time there, although I’d definitely strip it of so much stuff (including the plastic tablecloths). Wood. Rocks. Gulls. Sea. So lovely!

      Each of your book reviews is a treat, particularly since you are such a good curator. (N.B. the word comes from the latin word for “take care of.” Books do that, don’t they?).

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