my spidery muses

I never kill them. Spiders, that is. Even though I’ll forever be known as the Girl Who Killed Ants (that’s a long story), never ever will you find me harming a spider found in the house. On the contrary, you might find me instead shrieking “Don’t kill it!” as I run over with the softest of tissues to cradle its little body until I can deposit it outside. Safe.



There is one who visits me, quite often, as I sit at my desk, announcing itself with a flutter in my peripheral vision, never venturing close enough to frighten me, careful not to stay too long. An ideal guest.

“A spider is the sign of a happy house,” my mother always said. A sign, or an insurance policy, which explains my zealous protection of them when found.

Sometimes I think it’s her, in the same way I’ve always felt my beloved stepmother watched over me all these years. My ghosts are lovely ones, loving ones, my spidery muses.


6 thoughts on “my spidery muses

  1. Nice. (And SO good to hear you again – twice in one day!) I don’t kill them, either – and we seem to have A LOT of them. For the most part, they’re safe from Joel, too. He didn’t even kill mosquitoes on the boat our last summer together, just ushered them out the window with a magazine. I was all thinking what an amazing guy, so gentle to even let the blood-suckers live… Then he explained that he didn’t want the mess of smashing them in the cabin. Sigh.

    Have you read Neil Gaiman’s “Anansi Boys”? If you’re an audiobook listener, it’s got an amazing reader.

    From one summer-silent blogger to another, welcome back!

  2. As insects go, spiders definitely have a certain mystique/mystery to them. And they are clearly in the air this week. Another blog I follow has post on tarantula season in her neck of the woods, and all the spidery thoughts (humorous and otherwise ) those arachnids give rise to. Take a peek (if you dare 😉 — — and,yes, it’s nice to see you posting again.

    1. Thank you! Spiders indeed… since I wrote that post they seem to be everywhere. Today I saw a headline that read “Migrating Spiders Sailing Through North Texas Skies,” and in my yearly “pest” inspection I was quite happy to find out that my house’s only guests are a gathering of spideys in a basement crawlspace. “Nice,” I said to thepestguy, who looked at me with a curious smile.

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