bacon and starbursts


This was lolling in my “drafts” folder, so I thought I’d slip it in here…

Was chatting with a neighbor the other day, who happens to be a very precocious and very bright 8-yr old with a pointy head and a lisp…

“How was your day?”

“I act-u-ally decided, I don’t know why, to share my starburst with my friend.”

“Well that’s nice.”

“I don’t know why, I really don’t know why I decided to do it. He already had one, but I gave him half.”

“Well that’s ni….”

“It’s kind of like bacon.”

“Like bacon?”

“Yup, I discovered the other day that if you eat half a slice of bacon it tastes the same as if you ate the whole one. Same with the starburst. So I gave him half, I don’t know why. Starburst is like bacon.”

I think we should all apply this bacon-starburst theory to life.


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